What is thinlinc

Server-based Computing for Linux

ThinLinc is a software that enables organizations to implement a Linux server-based computing (SBC) infrastructure. By centralizing computing resources in the data center rather than distributing them amongst end-users, IT systems become more efficient, secure, and accessible. End-users’ desktops and applications are published from a central location, providing a seamless and familiar environment regardless of which device the user is connecting from, or the user location. Redundancy, inherent in a server-based solution, increases the availability as well.

ThinLinc combines the tools and infrastructure required for Linux-based SBC into a mature, stable, and fully-supported package. It consists of both server-side components (session-broker, load-balancer, administration interface, etc.) and end-user components (client software, customization tools, etc.) to provide a complete solution.

Who use ThinLinc, and why?

Sectors served to include universities, R&D, high-tech and manufacturing industries, visual effects and animation, telecoms, and healthcare. Installations range in size from 1 to 5000 concurrent users. For more information on how customers are using ThinLinc, see Who uses.

Organizations using ThinLinc aim to provide a seamless Linux workspace experience to the end-user, in a way that makes them feel at home and behaves the way they want, without compromising on functionality, flexibility, security, cost, and without vendor lock-in.

Cendio, a Swedish company housing experts with decades of Linux experience, develops ThinLinc. We love Linux. ThinLinc development follows core Unix principles such as plain-text configuration and log files, common directory structures, and uses standard utilities where possible. It provides Linux system administrators with an environment that is already familiar to them.

ThinLinc is a mix between well known open-source components and proprietary code. Because of this, we can offer a high-quality product at a fair price – the best of both worlds.

Cendio contributes back to the open-source projects we use. We are maintainers in the TigerVNC, noVNC, and rdesktop projects and regularly contribute to many others.

Goals, beliefs, and mission

  • Cendio is a privately-held, for-profit company, with an obligation to its customers, shareholders and the open-source community.
  • We want to make Linux available to fulfill the everyday desktop computing needs for all kind of users.
  • We want to provide our customers with a high-quality product at a fair price. Why pay more for less?
  • We want to make it easy and a pleasure to be a customer. Transparency, honesty, and clear communication are the focus for Cendio.

Next steps...

People say

So I came across this article looking for help on configuring multiple ports/users for TigerVNC for a training class we are to start. I saw someone spoke about ThinLinc. I went to their website downloaded it, and can't believe how this is not more popular, its utterly a God send for people that need a vnc tool. It's fantastic.

I highly recommend ThinLinc!


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